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Welcome to Technical Coatings Ltd

For many years Technical Coatings has given continuous service to public sector building maintenance professionals. Technical Coatings products are well established and many UK Local Authorities, Schools, Hospitals and Government Departments have used them to solve flat roof problems. Technical Coatings has waterproofed many thousands of square metres of flat roofs using only its' own products and its' own operatives.

Success has come through product innovation and market specialisation. All Technical Coatings products are the result of development, in partnership, with raw material manufacturers who are world leaders in polymer technology. Technical Coatings specialises exclusively in solving flat roof problems for public sector clients.

Identify Problems with your Flat Roof

  • Ageing & Weathering
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Problem 03
  • Thermal Movement


Reflex Plus System

Reflex Plus System

Read more about the Reflex Plus System

10 Year Guarantee

Ten Year Guarantee

Every Reflex Plus Service quotation includes a Reflex Plus 10 Year Guarantee the cost of which is included in the all inclusive price. Technical Coatings estimators will only quote for applications in respect of which they are prepared to offer the full guarantee. The Guarantee is comprehensive and single source. It is unique. It makes Technical Coatings fully responsible for materials and labour.